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Have you gotten into a shouting match with a stranger over a parking space at the mall? Ever put your fist through the wall after an argument with your spouse?

Although anger is a natural emotion, it may be getting the best of you. Instead of expressing your anger in a healthy and assertive way, you may be expressing it in a hostile, aggressive manner — a manner that could lead to violence.

Here are some points to consider when assessing whether you express your anger in a healthy or unhealthy manner.

Anger itself isn't bad. Expressed appropriately, anger can be healthy. It can help protect you from dangerous situations, energize you to resolve problems or lead to sociocultural reforms, for instance.

Sure, everyday frustrations, impatience and resentment can all cause your temper to flare. For many people, these are fleeting moments. They're able to take these moments in stride and quickly return to a sense of calm without exploding.

But if your blood boils after minor irritations — such as losing that coveted parking space — or you're constantly seething, you may need to get your anger under control. Anger that's out of control can be destructive, leading to problems in your relationships, at work, in your general enjoyment of life and with your health. You may even be arrested or face other legal problems.

Anger responses can become habitual. That is, you may respond automatically to a situation that makes you angry, with little pause to think about your reactions. You may even surprise yourself by the intensity of your reactions.

If your level of anger is high or you tend to express anger in an unhealthy way, make plans to deal with your anger.

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