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Committed couples care about the quality of their relationship. Couples who have healthy marriages love and respect each other and communicate that to each other. Communication is the key to a strong, healthy relationship.

Communication allows partners to feel love and caring. Effective communication requires practice of the skills of listening and expressing thoughts and feelings. Communication is much more than talking. It is what you say, how you say it, why you say it, why you say it and even what you don’t say. Communication also involves active listening.

Some signs of unhealthy communication might include:

  • Overreacting ( taking a message too seriously, too personally, etc.)
  • Making assumptions ( failing to clarify the other person’s true intentions)
  • Projecting ( expecting that another person holds your exact views on an issue)
  • Mind-reading ( instead of talking openly and forthrightly)
  • Biased listening ( rather than genuinely hearing the other person’s heartfelt message)
  • Chattering nervously ( when it would be better to remain silent)
  • Arguing ( rather than focusing on areas where agreement is possible)
  • Generalizing (rather than getting the specific details of a whole story)

If you and your partner have fallen into the habit of unhealthy communication, the therapists at Counselors of Texas can get you back on track. Call of an appointment today.

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