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sexual addiction checklist
Some common characteristics of sexual addiction include:
  • We use sexual thoughts and behaviors as our primary coping methods.
  • We use sexual arousal as our drug of choice.
  • We have a pattern of compulsive, out of control sexual behaviors; Behavior that is either illegal, illicit, or believed to be “bad”
  • We experience harmful consequences to ourselves and others due to our sexual behaviors.
  • We lack emotional intimacy.
  • We are preoccupied with sex and sexual fantasies.
  • We progress to more out-of-control behaviors as our tolerance increases.
  • We may have periods of control or strict abstinence.
  • We may control our behaviors while continuing our sexual obsessions.
  • We experience mood shifts around our sexual acting out: such as anger, fear, guilt, remorse.
  • We often experience depression and suicidal ideations.
  • We have a hierarchy of acting out behaviors such as affairs, masturbation, seduction/cruising.
  • We have a family history of sexual shame and/or addiction.
  • We are often victims of childhood sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse.
  • We ritualize our sexual behaviors.
  • We feel extreme shame about sex.
  • We lack a healthy sexual identity.
  • We associate excitement and risk with sex.
  • We have sexualized needs for affection


  • Feels shameful, is illicit, stolen or exploitative.
  • Compromises values.
  • Draws on fear for excitement.
  • Re-enacts childhood abuses.
  • Creates a world of delusion.
  • Is self-destructive and dangerous.
  • Uses conquest and power.
  • Serves to medicate and kill pain.
  • Is dishonest.
  • Has secretive, double life.
  • Is driven, compulsive.
  • Has no boundaries.

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